Traditional speaker design…is typically a box. It works well. When I think of an audio system, I feel it should also be artistic and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, to not only produce amazing sound but look like a work of art.

— JEREMY GOLD, President of Division Sound Inc.

For us, it was not just about the biggest speaker, playing the loudest or the heaviest bass…we are passionate about finding the delicate balance that exists within the music and how best to reproduce the sound as it was originally intended to be heard and presenting it all in a unique and beautifully designed structure. 

Founded in 2019, Division Sound is proudly Canadian owned and operated. Based just outside the GTA, Division Sound is committed to building high-quality, handcrafted speakers that deliver realistic reproductions of the recording. 

With established Canadian and International partnerships, as well as, supply chain integration we are able to manufacturer with the best quality materials and components that help the sound come alive!

Division Sound is committed to building high-quality, handcrafted speakers.

Our goal is to combine quality craftsmanship with an artistic flare without sacrificing the sound experience. We are inspired by the concept of a non-traditional speaker design, utilizing exquisite raw materials and high-quality components that integrate resulting in an expression of creativity and exceptional listening experience. 

At Division Sound, we bring together an education in sound engineering, an enthusiasm for electronics, love of music and passion for innovative design, along with a lot of blood, sweat and tears to create unique products. When investing in a Division Sound audio system, you get two things: impeccable sound and a great piece.  

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